Zon Sonus Electric Bass Guitar

The Japanese have a saying that our name is our first face. So what is the first face of this American-made Zon Sonus Electric Bass Guitar? Is it in the zone?  Or maybe it’s pronounced Zun, like son?

Kinda like the Prius and I still don’t know the answer to that one.

But I’m willing to look past such things to consider the gal who bears the name and she holds up just fine, thank you very much. I wish I knew when she was made but she looks recent. If it matters to you, ask seller.

(BTW, if you haven’t hear of Zon, you can check them out here.)

Let’s start with her two piece select Swamp Ash body with its gloss finish in a Gallery Red Burl. Pretty sweet, no?

Seller doesn’t say but according to the Zon website her bolt-on neck and 12″ radius fingerboard are made of Phenowood, a carbon fiber made for the aerospace industry, with side dot markers. Heck, her neck might be made of the same stuff that makes up the B-2 bomber. Might, I say.

For electronics, she throws down a ZP-2D active system made for Zon by Polyfusion. Her Bartolini pickups are an exclusive design for Zon.

She rocks a machined brass bridge (Zon, of course) and GB-7 Gotoh tuners.

Seller writes she plays perfectly and is in near mint condition.

If this Zon Sonus has your ears ringing, she’ll be glad to thump and bump the night away up close and personal for $3499 Buy it Now on eBay. Seller also welcomes offers.

10 folks are following her. That’s a bunch at this price point.

So, if you want her…..go GET her

Zon Sonus Electric Bass Guitar Front CU
Five strings, no waiting.


Zon Sonus Electric Bass Guitar Back CU
She may look unfinished but seller says she’s glossed.
Zon Sonus Electric Bass Guitar Headstock
All is Zon and Zon is one.

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