Yamaha T100C Tube Guitar Combo Amp

I’ve noticed when a lot of folks are watching something, there’s usually a very good reason. Well, 51 folks are watching this American made Yamaha T100C Tube Guitar Combo Amp.

So what’s causing all those eyeballs to lock on?

Well, she’s hand built in the USA. She’s a Soldano designed amp and, as such, is “coveted by rock, metal, jazz, blues, and session players alike for their versatility, power, and durability.”

(Soldano has since gone on to seek fame and fortune of his own. Read more here.)

Then there’s her Celestion 12″ 100 watt 8 ohm speaker. But she can drive “anywhere from 4 to 16 ohm cabinets.”

Oh, and the T100c features “four 6L6 power tubes and seven 12ax7 preamp tubes.”

You want a Fender-like like clean channel with a bright switch or a Soldano like high gain preamp section? Try the push/pull knob or the footswitch. It’s your choice.

She looks clean enough. She’s been used but doesn’t look abused. (The photos are a little blurry but they do tell the story. If you’d like crisper shots, ask seller.)

Seller says everything works on her and she’s being sold on consignment and “as is” so ask your questions before you lay your money down. I, for one, would like to know when she was made.

If this Yamaha T100C has got your gears in motion, you can claim her for your own for $600 Buy it Now on eBay. Seller also welcomes offers.

With 51 folks watching, it’s just a matter of time before someone makes a move.

Go get her.

Yamaha T100C Tube Guitar Combo Amp Tubes
Time to go tubing!
Yamaha T100C Tube Guitar Combo Amp Front
She looks ready to rock it.


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