Warwick Nobby Meide Electric Bass Guitar

Hold the damn train, this 2002 Warwick Nobby Meide Electric Bass Guitar from Germany deserves a little extra attention.

Seller doesn’t say much about her or what wood she’s made of other than “solid.” He lets the pictures speak for him.

Seller rates this interesting instrument as 9+ out of 10 with no visible dings or scratches. There is some light oxidation on her gold hardware. Note her tuners are under her bottom bout.

Absent any explanation from seller, understanding this unusual bass with her quite fine looking EMG pickups takes some imagination. So let’s use it.

What in the world is the specialized stand for? I can’t say for sure but I think if the male end of the stand is inserted into the female socket in the middle of her bottom bout, she becomes a stand up electric bass.

If you were to use the strap knobs, she’s mobile. Or at least I think that’s what that strip of metal with what looks like pull back locks is for. And that third strap knob on her upper rear back  gives you another option still.

That’s three, three, three playing styles in one.

She has three knobs and three EMG pickups. I wish seller said what those knobs controlled—the pickups? Tone and volume? Is there some kind of selector switch I’m missing in the ton of photos posted in the listing? Time to resort to the magic phrase: ask seller.

She’s hand crafted. Her label tells us that. Was Nobby Meide her luthier? Is she #408 of this series? Of all the guitars Nobby has made? What is the dilly, yo?

What does she sound like? How is she to play?

I don’t know. I would love to though. If you’re so inclined, please call seller and be sure to fill me in. His digits are 858-483-0999.

Whatever the answers seller gives, she’s damn interesting and fun to think about. You definitely do not see basses like this every day.

If this Warwick Nobby Meide has you thinking get her and figure her out later (a position I can fully understand, btw) then lay down $2295 Buy it Now on eBay and she’s yours to experiment with for eternity.

Warwick Nobby Meide Electric Bass Guitar Back
She’s got what look like three strap holders. if that metal looking band is one, your strap will hang below. If you use the strap holder on her bottom bout, she hangs from above. Clever.
Warwick Nobby Meide Electric Bass Guitar with Stand and Case
The whole shebang including stand, a metal looking band that I think is for wearing a strap and a soft case.
Warwick Nobby Meide Electric Bass Guitar Front CU
Note the tuners at her bottom and the socket in the middle of her bottom bout. I think when you insert the male part of the stand into that socket she becomes a stand up electric bass. Also check the gold plate under her tailpiece that identifies her as a “Warwick Nobby Meide #408”.




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