Walden D570 Natura Acoustic Guitar

Here’s a fine guitar for those just starting out, a new Walden D570 Natura Acoustic Guitar that was made in China. I’ve played a few Waldens and always liked them.

She’s got a Dreadnought body, which is on the bigger side but comfortably fits many players.

She’s also got a Cedar top, Mahogany sides and neck and a Rosewood fingerboard. Seller says she gives you a “nice full round sound” and I believe that. Cedar delivers an earthy tone.

She’s got some fancy features, too. A snakehead headstock with an inlay logo, a nice rosette, two way adjustable truss rod and Walden’s signature style bridge. She even comes with a gig bag. That’s a lot of guitar for the money.

This Walden D570 Natura is all yours for $299.99 Buy it Now on eBay. Plus free shipping. Such a deal.

Walden Natura D570 Headstock
Sssssssssssssnakehead headstock with a sweet little inlay.
Walden Natura D570 Front CU
Cedar is a good-looking wood.
Walden Natura D570 Soundhole
She’s from China but was designed in the USA. Now there’s the global economy at work.

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