Traben Neo Limited Electric Bass Guitar

You up for a little fun with a Traben Neo Limited Electric Bass Guitar with a vintage sunburst? Good!

Traben is a shop operating out of Clearwater, Florida. You can read up on them here.

This kitty rocks a nice Basswood body with a Spalted Maple top, Maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard with 24 frets and abalone dot inlays. She brings two Traben SB soapbar pickups to the party as well as a Traben T3 active preamp.

Seller doesn’t say when she was made but that’s easy enough to find out. Ask seller.

She’s long—a 34″ scale. Her hardware is black chrome, her nut is brass and her bridge is a Traben “Bigger.” Boy howdy.

Seller says she’s in excellent condition and her Traben case (which seller says normally sells for $75-$100 alone) is in good shape with a small tear or two.

The one mechanical issue seller calls out is her bridge plate was not cut right so the tone knob rubs agains the plate if you push in instead of gently turning the knob. He’s worked around this by lifting the knob up off the bass a little while tightening the screw. (IMHO, it’s no biggie but seller’s doing the right thing by letting you know if you push the knob downward it will rub metal to metal.)

Seller writes she’s been well cared for with her neck adjustments done like clockwork and she delivers a perfect tone.

If this Traben Neo Limited Electric Bass Guitar has you wanting to fight the Matrix, then bring her home for $290 Buy it Now on eBay.

Go get her.

Traben Neo Limited Electric Bass Guitar on Case
The queen and her case.
Traben Neo Limited Electric Bass Guitar Back CU
Very clean.
Traben Neo Limited Electric Bass Guitar Headstock
She’s a Traben Neo all right.

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