Toilet Seat Electric Guitar

This is a Toilet Seat Electric Guitar. I have absolutely no idea how to describe my reaction to this homemade electric guitar.  I’m more than slightly bummed it’s not named the “Shitar” to be honest. By searching “toilet seat guitar” on google it will actually produce 1.72 million results, astonishing to me. This guitar here though is by far the shittiest guitar I could find… pun intended.

Personally I think the section under “Item Specifics” stating that the guitar “has been used previously” may need a little more clarification in this case. Was it used as a guitar or used prior to being a guitar? Does the “cosmetic wear” refer to typical wear a musical instrument may have from being played or does it refer to skid marks? How did this toilet seat graduate from the horn section for buttholes to the body of an electric guitar? Does the humbucker sound muddy or does it look muddy, we need to know?

I don’t know where the questions could possibly end for this musical instrument. The auction ends in six days however. I can’t believe there aren’t any bids yet. You should probably go check it out. When I say check it out, I literally mean go look at this toilet seat electric guitar, maybe send it along to some friends for shits and giggles (I can’t help it). Then go buy an actual guitar, not this.

Toilet Seat Electric Guitar Output Jack
The output jack on this toilet seat electric guitar sits very close to where you might output a different type of audio when this guitar body is used for it’s more common purpose.
Toilet Seat Electric Guitar Headstock
The headstock on this toilet seat electric guitar looks clean…. ish.


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