Tobias Renegade Electric Bass Guitar

Let’s see, have we heard this story before? A guy starts a company building axes. A larger company, in this case Gibson, comes alongs and buys the company. The company hires the founder (in this case, Mr. Michael Tobias)  to make axes like this Tobias Renegade Electric Bass Guitar, but eventually the former owner goes his own way and starts another company making axes.

Kinda like when Leo Fender sold to CBS then worked with Music Man before starting G & L.

Yeah, add Tobais to the list. You can read all about it here.

That said, this Renegade is one 5-string rocking kitty.

Alder body, Bartolini pickups, Maple neck and fingerboard and all black hardware for kickattitude! (Hey, I just made a word up!)

Yeah, the girl’s all right in my book.

Seller ways she’s in good condition with minimal fret wear and a few minor dings and such.

Seller doesn’t say when she was made (if that matters to you, ask seller) but according to Wikipedia Tobias himself left the company in 1992 at serial number 2044—and because this kitty rocks number 8815, she is Gibson all the way. (Not that that is a bad thing.)

She’s light—just 7.8 pounds. She also needs a case. She was separated from her original. C’est la vie.

If this Tobias Renegade has you ready to go all Mockingjay against Capitol City, well, here’s an axe that would love to go with you. She’s all in for $1295 Buy it Now on eBay.

11 folks are watching her. If Katniss could, I’d bet she’d be watching, too.

Tobias Renegade Electric Bass Guitar Headstock
Baddass logo and well before tats were in.
Tobias Renegade Electric Bass Guitar front CU
Sweet and mean, just the right combination.
Tobias Renegade Electric Bass Guitar Front
Very long neck. Lots of room to roam.





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