Taylor Rick Nielsen RNSM 615CE Acoustic Guitar

OMG, how did this 2003 Taylor Rick Nielsen 615CE Acoustic Guitar escape my attention until now? Apparently only 33 of them were made (and only a few of those are green.)

For those not familiar with Mr. Nielsen, he is the madcap guitar genius behind Cheap Trick and often creates and plays multi necked guitars all while dressed like a comic book nerd from the ’50s. (He puts on quite a show. You can learn more about him here.)

How he hooked up with Taylor of all makers is likely a story in itself. But however that union came to be, it has manifested itself in a 615CE Jumbo with a Spruce top, Flamed Maple back and sides and a special and quite trippy 3-D geometric fretboard inlay.

Seller says she’s been played played sparingly, is in great condition and is—surprise, surprise—a cannon. That is, she’s loud unplugged and even louder amplified.

Seller writes she’s opened up very nicely and her ES expression electronics work perfectly and sound amazing.

Seller is sad to part ways with this gem but he has bills to pay for a major basement remodel so he’s trading one set of goodies for another.

With only 33 made, you likely won’t find too many of these puppies running around.

If this Taylor Rick Nielsen 615CE has put your gears in motion, she’ll be yours forever for $7000 Buy it Now on eBay.

29 folks are watching her. She’s like a comet in a way. You can see her now but she won’t be around forever and it may be a long time before she ever comes back again.

So if you want her, get her.

Taylor Rick Nielsen 615CE Acoustic Guitar Sound Hole
It’s official and all there in reddish brown and white.
Taylor Rick Nielsen 615CE Acoustic Guitar in Case
You definitely will NOT see one of these every day (unless you own her.)
Taylor Rick Nielsen 615CE Acoustic Guitar Fingerboard
I love, love, love this 3-D inlaid falling squares fingerboard. I’m quite sure the photos do not do it justice.


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