Supro Supreme Lapsteel Electric Guitar

It don’t mean a thang it if it ain’t got that twang, and this Supro Supreme lapsteel electric guitar looks like she still has plenty of twang still in her.

Seller says she’s in good working condition and all original but that there’s a chip in her nut that will eventually need replacement.

She’s got a nice-looking brown pearloid body and she comes with an Excelsior case.

She looks like a friendly old gal who would love nothing more than to hang out on your lap while you make beautiful music together. That’s not a bad thing at all.

If this Supro Supreme tickles your fancy, she’s all yours for $350 Buy it Now on eBay and the seller invites offers. That’s awful nice of the seller, don’t you think?

Supro Supreme Lapsteel Front

Supro Supreme Lapsteel Sideview
It gets old hanging by the pool, waiting for the right young player to strike up a conversation.
Supro Supreme Lapsteel Front CU
Now, there’s a friendly face.

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