Silvertone Model 1457 Electric Guitar

Take a look at this insanely cool kitty, a Silvertone Model 1457 Electric Guitar from the 60s.

Yes, she has been ridden hard and has the marks and chunks missing to prove it, but you cannot deny the unmistakable style that shines through, from her lipstick pickups to her cutaway pick guard that encircles the neck pickup like an island and washes against the bridge pickup like a wave.

Don’t you dig her sparkly red body despite some finish clouding? Isn’t the crazy way all six strings shoot across her headstock to the tuners just the best? Don’t you love the patterned naugahyde (my guess) side cover?

She has a ticky tack mechanical issue. The selector switch isn’t working too well; seller opines it’s best to leave it alone and use the volume controls as selectors. Or you could take her to a luthier and get her fixed.

And yes, the volume controls are missing knobs but isn’t that why the good Lord gave us fingers?

The main thing is seller notes she plays and sounds as amazing as she looks.

She leaves a wonderful first, second and 99th impression.

She comes with a clearly non-original hardshell case with the epic warning “Drop + Die.” No question about the sentiments there.

If this Silvertone has you worked up as I am, she’ll enrich your life for $475 Buy it Now on eBay.

25 folks are watching her. I totally understand.

Silvertone Model 1457 Electric Guitar Front
She’s from the 60s all right.
Silvertone Model 1457 Electric Guitar Sides
What is this? Naugahyde?
Silvertone Model 1457 Electric Guitar Headstock
Yeah, the five string rubs the post on six but it sure looks cool.



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