Schecter Diamond Series 5-String Bass Electric Guitar

What we have here appears to be a heavily but respectfully used Schecter Diamond Series 5-String Bass Electric Guitar.

Seller says she plays and sounds great but she does have “a little bit of action and the neck seems to have a bend in it.”

Seller even takes a picture to try to capture the issue but notes it “makes the action look much worse (than it is?)” If it were me, I’d ask for some more and better pictures, maybe with a ruler so you can see for yourself.

Seller doesn’t offer any more insight into her. If you’re asking questions, you might also ask where’s she from and what she’s made of.

Now, why I am writing about this Schecter bass at all if I have such questions? She spoke to me, pure and simple. And I am loathe to resist instruments that talk to me, especially when more pictures might resolve your doubts or at least let you know whether she can be saved for your trouble.

At $249.99 Buy it Now on eBay, with seller definitely open to offers, she could be just the bargain you’re looking for. And ten folks are watching her, so I suspect they sense value and something special about her, too.

Schecter Diamond Series 5-String Bass Neck Bend
Seller says this picture makes her bend and action look worse than it is. Muddy suggests you ask seller for some more photos, maybe from the side with a ruler.
Schecter Diamond Series 5-String Bass in Case
She is lovely if her issues aren’t too much for you to to get over.

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