Rivera Knucklehead Tube Guitar Amp Head

Get ready to crank it, this made in the USA Rivera Knucklehead Tube Guitar Amp Head is in the house.

Seller writes she’s “an amazing tube amp and sounds killer.” Hard to argue with that.

He adds she’s in excellent condition with just a few normal light marks on her, everything works just as it should, and she comes with her original FS7 footswitch and power cord.

Look closely at her control panel. Admit it, you want to pull that master Ninja knob, don’t you? I sure as hell do. I bet it unleashes all types of badassery.

From her backside it looks like she pushes out 100 watts through parallel speaker jacks, so she definitely can get loud.

There are so many options, choices, knobs, buttons, switches, lights, tubes and such on her, I can imagine you’ll be spending many a happy hour experimenting to find just the right combination for just the right sound.

If you’d like to know when she was made, ask seller, but aside from that open question his descriptions and the photos tell a pretty complete story.

If this Rivera Knucklehead is making you stupid with desire, make her yours for $699.99 Buy it Now on eBay.

Go get her.

Rivera Knucklehead Tube Guitar Amp Head Back
So many features, so little time.
Rivera Knucklehead Tube Guitar Amp Head Front
What you see is what you get.
Rivera Knucklehead Tube Guitar Amp Head Controls
I think “Pull my Master Ninja Knob” would make a great song title, don’t you?

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