Right in Tune: Pedal Edition

You know how much it sucks when your favorite band is out of tune? You stop being in the moment and start hearing the imperfections.

You don’t pay good coin to hear avoidable imperfections. You shouldn’t expect your audiences too, either.

There are loads of good reasons that perfectly good instruments go of out of tune—from environmental conditions at the venue (temperature, humidity, size of audience or stage, time of day, heating, cooling, etc.) to personal style (vibrato use, age/type of strings, playing style, etc.)

For solo and smaller act performers, clip-on tuners might be enough. But if you’re seriously geared up. love to rip it up on stage or have a sizable, amplified act, pedals might be the key to staying, well, locked on and in tune.

Here are three highly-rated pedal tuners that you can mount to your board and use as you see fit.

1. Boss TU-3 Chromatic Pedal Tuner $99

This tuner is a no-brainer if you play larger venues, You can see the 21-segment LED meter in all conditions—from low light to the harsh glare of day.

It’s an easy add to your pedal board that gives you the confidence to play on without your axe braying off key like a jackass.

Best of all, it’s simple. You look, you know.

Yes, it comes with all kinds of options to feed your geeky soul. But at day’s end, its first and best job is one thing and one thing only: showing you if you’re in tune or not.

53 reviewers gave the Boss TU-3 a solid-gold 4.9 stars. To get 53 rockers to agree? Outstanding.

Boss TU-3 Chromatic Pedal Tuner


2. TC Electronic Polytune 2 Pedal Tuner 2 $99.99

The Polytune works its magic simply. You simply strum your axe—guitar or bass —and the pedal tells you what strings need a little tuning love.

Whango bango, you’re back in business.

This tuner accommodates lots of styles—you’re in Drop D? No problemo. You’re using a capo? Easy peasy. You just play—it’ll tell you where your tuning has gone astray.

As with the Boss TU-3, it has features out the yin-yang. Geek out to your heart’s content. But thanks to the TC Polytune, at least you’ll be pitch perfect. And thanks to its true bypass feature, no one will be the wiser.

29 reviewers rated the TC Polytune 2 a rock solid 4.9 stars. That’s a lot of love for a pedal to the metal.


TC Electronic Polytune 2 Pedal Tuner 2



3, TC Electronic Polytune Noir Mini 2 Pedal Tuner $89.99

Anything the TC Polytene 2 can do, so can the Polytune Noir Mini 2. Only smaller.

If your pedal board is filling up, you’ll appreciate the smaller size. And its strobes will give you the clear, visible truth—if you’re on pitch or not. And thanks to its true bypass chops, you’re the only one who has to know,

Four reviewers gave the Poltune Noir Mini 2 4.8 stars. I’d expect more as time marches on.


TC Electronic Polytune Noir Mini 2 Pedal Tuner




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