Peavey Patriot Electric Guitar with Electric Amplifier Case

Here’s an interesting find, a 1984 Peavey Patriot Electric Guitar with Electric Amplifier Case.

I have never seen anything like it before.

The concept is simple, though. You’re walking around one fair day, toting your guitar in its form-fitting case and the urge hits you to play. No problema. Just plug your amp into an outlet and your guitar into your and—wango bango!—let’s get rocking!

The seller says the case has a patent pending notice on it. Makes sense to me.

The seller a few more things worth paying attention to. Apparently, the amp does work but it is missing the round ground pin. Seller dates the guitar to 1984 from its serial number, and it works but has fret wear, body scuffing and scratchiness when the pots are turned.

The there’s the case, which is the star of the show to me. Seller says it has some minimal exterior issues, some interior foam that’s breaking down and all the latches are intact but one lock in tight.

From the photos, it looks to me like this girl could use a good day at the spa to freshen up. That might perk her up a bit so she feels at home in your collection.

10 folks are watching this Peavey Patriot Electric Guitar with Electric Amplifier Case as I write this. I wonder if they are as intrigued as I am.

She’s all yours for $325 Buy it Now on eBay.

Peavey Patriot with Amplifier Exposed
Seller opines a little cleaning would help a lot. It usually does.
Peavey Patriot with Ampifier Case
It’s an interesting idea—everything you need, all in one convenient place.
Peavey Patriot Pickguard Wear
Someone played her. That’s a good sign.
Peavey Patriot Ampifier Case.
Someone needs a loofah.

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