Ovation Viper Electric Guitar

Here’s a foxy lady from the ’70s, an Ovation Viper Electric Guitar with its original tobacco burst finish.

Seller doesn’t offer up too many details about her but she looks pretty good to me. Seller says she has some light finish and play wear and a few dings. Curiously, her neck plate good amount of wear.

She comes with her original brown hardshell case.

I wish I could tell you where she was made, what she’s made of and what kind of pickups those are, but seller is silent on those topics. From the photos it’s hard to tell if she has that rounded “Ovation-style” back, or maybe just a tip of the hat to it. If any of that matters to you, ask seller.

I just think she’s cool and I love her name, viper, especially with the way her body funnels in closer to her neck. She’s nine pounds of sexy.

If this Ovation Viper has coiled herself around your heart, all it takes is $999 Buy it Now on eBay to make her yours.

11 folks are watching her. Maybe it’s time to strike.

Ovation Viper Electric Guitar Front Side
I like her slope-shouldered body and rounded pick guards. Very sexy.
Ovation Viper Electric Guitar Back CU
Hard to see from this angle how rounded her back is. You can see one major scratch across her lower bout.
Ovation Viper Electric Guitar Front CU



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