NS Design NXT Double Bass


That was my initial reaction when I ran across this NS Design NXT Double Bass.

I was so intrigued by her that I did a little research since seller only says, literally, this: “Will ship in it’s (sic) original box. Item has 2 small dings on neck but otherwise is in “like new” condition never being played…only tuned up then put away.”

Thanks a ton for the 411.

Now, my turn. The “NS” in the NS Design is the legendary Ned Steinberger who has built some awesome and visually stunning instruments in his day. Rather than me trying to restate the words of such a master builder about this instrument, I’ll let you soak them in for yourself here.

Interestingly, she can be played with two types of shoulder straps OR as a stand up bass. That’s cool.

Instruments like this make my day because they show the true reach and power of creativity, imagination and hard work.

Les Claypool of Primus and Frog Brigade fame plays one of these. And Mr. Claypool is very well known for putting basses through their paces.

If this NS NXT has you going OMG, OMG, OMG, she’s all yours for $950 Buy it Now on eBay. Seller invites offers and I suspect there’s some wiggle room here.

19 folks are watching her. I wonder if they are as fascinated as I am?

NS Design NXT Double Bass The Works
The whole shebang.
NS Design NXT Double Bass Headstock
Very sweet headstock.
NS Design NXT Double Bass Front CU
She’s electric and you can play her from a stand or from a strap.




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