Loog 3 String Electric Guitar

This Loog 3 string electric has a certain oddball mystique.

I love the art deco look.

I love the sea foam green.

I love the WTF shape, even with its nicks and dents.

I even love the logo (look closely on the bolt on) for reading the same both upsides and down. (And I wonder if this is named a Loog because they moved the “g” on place to the right.)

Hell, even the name Loog makes me snort in my Mason jar. And three strings? What is up with that.

When a guitar raises my eyebrows so much, I just have to call it out.

If you’re looking for an art deco, sea foam green, 3 string, nutty shaped, with a funny name and a visual palindrome of a logo, this Loog is the girl for you. You can Buy it Now on eBay for $150 or make a bid starting at $99


Loog 3 String Electric Back
Nicks and stuff but nothing too bad to my eye.
Loog 3 String Electric Neck Bolt
I love this logo. it reads the same, this way and upside down. Is there a word for this besides “visual palindrome”? I sure hope so.

Loog 3 String Electric Front


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