Lentz DL-90 Custom Electric Guitar

Lots of people use the Tele-style body for inspiration to make great guitars such as this American-made Lentz DL-90 Custom Electric Guitar.

Lentz has been building custom guitars for about 40 years now and has built a loyal fan base. You can study up on them here.

All Lentz guitars are made to order, either through a dealer or through their website.  Seller doesn’t say when she was made so ask seller if that matters to you.

This reddish with some orange dandy is their DL-90 model which comes with P90 pickups through which she rocks great tone. She’s sick light—just 6.5 pounds.

Apparently a local musician by the name of Newport Slim played this girl out and about near the seller, who is located in New London, Connecticut.

Seller writes that anyone who picks her up marvels at her feel and her neck, especially. Seller’s notes get a little hard to understand but I think he means she has 50s style “Soft V” neck made of hard Maple with a 9.5″ radius.

She also comes with a nice case and a thick heavy leather strap.

She has her bumps and bruises as you’d expect on a player that has been played out but it all seems cosmetic to me and adds to her story.

If this Lentz DL-90 Custom Electric Guitar turns your motor over, she’s ready to play at your house for $2595 Buy it Now on eBay, including free shipping. 14 folks are watching her.

Go get her.

Lentz DL-90 Custom Electric Guitar Headstock Down
This shot captures her spirit.
Lentz DL-90 Custom Electric Guitar Front
Sweet and fine.
Lentz DL-90 Custom Electric Guitar Tuners
Old timey tuners add a little special sauce to the dish.

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