Larrivee OM-05E Acoustic Guitar

Here’s a work of art you play, a Larrivee OM-05E Acoustic Guitar.

Seller is a little sparse on some key details—such as what kind of woods she’s made of and what kind of tuners she has—but her photos give us a lot of information. Besides, if you want to ask seller about her, fire away.

Seller says she was bought in 2005, is in very good condition (sure looks that way) and comes with her original hardshell case.

She’s an acoustic electric with Larrivee branded electronics with all kinds of sliders and such. I’m guessing she’ll sound just fine.

She looks like an OM dream—nice purfling, nice binding along the fretboard, pretty rosette, well-matched pickguard, classy dot inlays. I’m growing fonder of her with each word I write.

This Larrivee OM-05E slice of heaven is yours for $1275 Buy it Now on eBay. 9 wise folks are tracking her. I may soon be number 10.

Larrivee Model OM-05E Back
Looks like she’s been treated well, no welts, no rashes from belts.
Larrivee Model OM-05E with Case
I think I found a new screensaver. Gorgeous.
Larrivee Model OM-05E Electronics CU
If you drool over electronics, be careful. Electronics and drool do not play well together.


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