Kramer Ferrington KFS-2 Acoustic Guitar

Here’s a fresh breeze from the ’80s, a Kramer Ferrington KFS-2 Acoustic Guitar.

She’s clearly an acoustic with more than a dash of Tele-style thrown in for good measure; she is an acoustic-electric. Check out her asymmetric sound hole. I haven’t seen too many like it.

Seller says he is the original owner, that she was made in Japan and shows some light wear marks and scratches but nothing major. Seller notes one bridge pin head is broken. She comes with her original case.

Her frets and neck are said to be in great condition, so she should be good to go upon arrival.

Seller encourages questions and such before you buy since he’s accepting NO returns. Asking questions before you buy is always a good policy. Especially since there seems to be a similar guitar with VERY similar pictures but a slightly different description and much lower price here.

That alone might be worth a discussion since the Kramer I’m describing here goes for $449.99 Buy it Now on eBay (though seller welcomes offers), while the one I reference above goes for $101 bucks less.

Seems like a good basis to start asking questions and begin negotiations.

Kramer Ferrington Acoustic Guitar Back
Seems clean.
Kramer Ferrington Acoustic Guitar Front in Case
I’d consider buying her just for that crazy asymmetric sound hole.
Kramer Ferrington Acoustic Bridge
That is indeed a broken pin. That’s got to be worth something.

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