Just in Case: Acoustic Guitar Edition

As with electrics, acoustics need protection on the road—especially if they get checked for air travel. While your best bet is to try and carry your axe on with you, sometimes you can’t.

Now, acoustics are a bit different than electrics in that they come in a wider variety of shapes and sizes. So making sure your guitar fits the case you choose is especially important. Get out your measuring tape and if you have questions, ask.

Here are three top-rated acoustic case that should serve you and your guitar well.

1. WolfPak Acoustic Guitar Polyfoam Case $119.99

This Polyfoam case features a tough nylon skin, a souped-up bolted handle and loads of plush lining. It offers zippered pockets for your stuff. And it also comes with padded back straps that tuck out of the way when you don’t need them.

This case accepts guitars with a body length of 23.2 inches, a depth of 3.5 inches, an upper bout of 14.4 inches and a lower bout of 15.9 inches (See my point about measuring and asking if you have questions?) 23 reviewers gave this Wolfpack case 4.8 stars.

WolfPak Acoustic Case


2. MONO M80 Dreadnought Guitar Hybrid Case $202.89

You have to love words like “lightest, thinnest, strongest and most versatile” when you’re talking about lugging a Dread. The trick here is this hybrid looks and feels like a gig bag but comes with thoughtfully placed ABS panels to protect your guitar’s head and body from impact. It weighs but 6 1/2 pounds and no animals were used in the making of the case.

The sharkskin shell is waterproof, steel rivets reinforce the handle and shoulder straps and it comes with a clip/tuck strap system with a chest harness that lets you switch between 1 and 2 shoulder carrying on the fly.

Inside the case you’ll find a neck brace designed to to suspend the headstock and tuners, corner bumpers to to protect your axe’s body and strap pin against vertical drops plus 420-denier nylon string guards to prevent snags and punctures. This case accomodates guitars with a maximum depth of 5 inches, an upper bout of 13 1/2 inches, a lower bout of 16 inches, a maximum body height of 16 inches and a maximum internal height of 42 inches for the entire instrument.

This case should fit standard Dreads, including Fender, Gibson, Martin, Washburn and Yamaha. Five reviewers gave this MONO hybrid case 5 stars with no negative comments.

MONO M80 Hybrid Acoustic Case

3. SKB Injection Molded Waterproof Acoustic Case  $299.99

This SKB case is built to accommodate Dreadnoughts. It’s made of “ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin” and features a gasketed waterproof, airtight and submersible design. This tough mother is resistant to corrosion and impact and has TSA recognized and accepted locks. That makes it especially nice for trans-oceanic flight.

If you’re still hungering for features, there are plenty more. It has four reinforced locking loops for your own locks, snap-down over molded cushion grips for comfort, and a plush interior that provides complete neck support and side protection. It even has an automatic ambient pressure equalization valve and wheels for easier transport. SKB calls this “military grade” design and I’m not doubting it.

Three reviewers gave this SKB case 5 stars but noted it is “big and heavy.” Duh.

SKB Acoustic Guitar Case


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