Ibanez RS1010SL Prototype Steve Lukather Electric Guitar

Do…. do do….. do dooo… doo dooooo…. That’s right friends, Muddy has a hit from none other than the rock band Toto stuck in his head. All it took was one glance at this 1984 Ibanez Prototype Steve Lukather Electric Guitar and the chorus to their hit song “Africa” nestled itself snuggly in Muddy’s frontal lobe. Call it a guilty pleasure, but I really don’t mind it so much.

Lukather has recorded guitar tracks for over 1,500 albums in his day. Although he’s most known for his work with Toto, Steve-o has been around. I’m not sure why exactly his name is tied to this particular guitar and seller doesn’t offer much info on the subject. However like I said I don’t mind the 1984 flashback one bit.

As for this electric guitar for sale, well it’s a little dinged up. The instrument is still in solid shape I guess given it’s over 30 years old. The Ibanez axe has clearly been played it’s fair share. Seller claims that play condition is still excellent and we’ll just have to take their word for it here. $2,100 seems a little steep to me, but if you like Toto WAY more than Muddy does then the price may be right for you. The Ibanez prototype sports a very 1980s emerald green cheetah-like pattern. The more you look at it the higher the volume to “Africa” turns up in your head. Muddy suggests you take a look. At 2:00 a.m. when you wake up and hear that beat you’ll thank me because…

It’s gonna take a lot to drag me awaaaaaay from yoouuuuuuu

There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever dooooooo

I bless the rains down in Aaaafricaaaaa

I bless the rains down in Aaaafricaaaaa

Ibanez RS1010SL Prototype Steve Lukather Electric Guitar Body
You want to search for Toto in your iTunes library, go ahead Muddy won’t tell nobody.

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