Ibanez RG Series RG350DXZ Electric Guitar

Why was I looking for a Ibanez RG Series RG350DXZ Right Hand 6 String Electric Guitar? Well my morning with Muddy started like this, Coffee > Earbud > iTunes > Genre > Rock > Shuffle > Play. I was pleasantly rewarded from one of my favorite kickass punk bands Pennywise and their song, “There’s Something Wrong With Me”. Pennywise grabbed a hold of me in the early 2000’s through a snowboarding video I owned and probably still have titled Stand and Deliver. The video was jam-packed with a medley of snowboarding powder hits, cliff drops, park runs and general shenanigans. The DVD box included the soundtrack on CD, as this was pre-iTunes, MP3, etc. It was an equally eclectic mix of Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Metal and of course Punk. Pennywise grabbed my fist, threw it in there air, and seemed to do the head-banging for me. Been a fan ever since.

Now back to this punk-inspired Ibanez find. Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge is said to have played an Ibanez RG Series Guitar from the very start. So I set my sights on Ibanez RG to see what I could find, and it brought me here. The lead Pennywise axeman’s weapon is also believed to be anchored by a white guitar body like this one. However Fletcher’s Ibanez RG is covered with decades of stickers. So the original Ibanez color is nearly undetectable on his RG Series. This Ibanez here gives you a clean white canvas and the current bid sits just over $100.

Seller states this Ibanez has not been played and spent it’s first few years in a glass wall display.  This RG350DXZ is also a re-listing as a previous bidder fell through. So good chance the seller is primed and ready to close a deal on this 6 string. Only 3 bids are in and with 2 days left, just think… all of your punk rock dreams can still come true.

Ibanez RG Series Right Hand Six String Body
Pearly White Body is begging you to throw some stickers on it and hammer away just like Fletcher Dragge and his Pennywise mates.
Ibanez RG Series Headstock
Clean RG Series Headstock is singing – Buy me, Use me, Tune Me, Rock me

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