Hovercraft 100 Watt Guitar Amp Head, The Vessel

Oh my, a flaming red Hovercraft 100 Watt Guitar Amp Head, The Vessel, from Portland, Oregon. It’s the third one of four made but seller doesn’t say what year, so ask seller if that’s important to you.

If you haven’t yet heard of Hovercraft, check out their cool shop here.

According to seller, she screams with a thick juicy gain that holds together from low to high.

She brings two channels: one clean, the other filthy. She also brings a number of effects plus an analog output meter up front. She has a toggle switch that lets you jump between 40 watts and 100 watts so you can keep her great gain at low levels.

She’s versatile, too. Seller says she works fine for guitar and bass.

Cosmetically, she’s in in pretty good shape—a few nicks in the Tolex and a couple of small chips in the paint that were hard to capture in the photos.

Seller estimates she has 70% life left in her tubes so she’s ready to go for a while.

If this Hovercraft, The Vessel, amp head has you ready for a musical journey, she’s ready to join you for $1000 Buy it Now on eBay. Seller also welcomes offers.

Go get her.

Hovercraft 100 Watt Guitar Amp Head, The Vessel
Arrest me red and oh so fine.
Hovercraft 100 Watt Guitar Amp Head, The Vessel
Hovercraft 100 Watt Guitar Amp, The Vessel Bona Fides
Sure looks like number three of four made to me.

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