Hondo Death Dagger Electric Guitar

Back in the early 1980’s a musical instrument aggressively named the Hondo Death Dagger most likely sent several midwestern dry towns into a music-banning, witch hunt frenzy that only Kevin Bacon and the ’84 hit Footloose could break them free from. These Japanese-Built Hondo’s have a reputation of a well built instrument with an affordable price tag. Most guitars from the Death Dagger family we can find online show heavy signs of wear. As to be expected with the hair in your face metal these pointy rebels were turning out for the past three decades. This Hondo is reported to be in “VERY GOOD condition” with just a small knick on the sharper point of the body, so the accompanying hard case has done it’s job. ¬†This early 80s metal maker can be had with a Buy It Now price of just $700. So if hair, metal or even a solid Kevin Bacon reference floats your boat… go get it!

Honda Death Dagger
Early 80s Death Dagger sheathed and poised for more metal making mayhem.
Hondo Death Dagger Headstock
Death Dagger Headstock primed to thrash.
Hondo Death Dagger Body Rear
Rearview of Death Dagger showing well kept condition.

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