Godin Inuk Ambiance Steel Acoustic Guitar

Well, hmm. I’m very intrigued by this Godin Inuk Ambiance Steel Acoustic Guitar.

Why’s that? For starters, she has eleven strings that are tuned in unison. So the 11th bass string stands alone and all the others are doubled. What’s more, she’s got a two chambered Mahogany body.

Seller writes she was inspired by the Godin MultiOud—and that she can play on her own or amplified with her “custom-voiced electronics with bridge and options via an onboard preamp.”

I wish seller had included more photos of her but apparently she rocks a Mahogany neck with an Ebony fretboard and bridge. Oh yeah, and custom machine heads. I cannot leave those out.

From the partial photo we have, it’s easy to admire her astonishing, glowing sunburst, awesome binding and unique sound hole. Godin is known for tinkering with sound hole shapes and placement and they’re running true to form here.

Seller notes she is mint condition but is used. There’s no mention on when or where she was made, though Godin has factories in Canada and America and uses both. If you’re curious, ask seller or check here.

While you’ve got seller on the horn (or email) you might also ask if she comes with a case. That’s important with a uniquely-shaped instrument such as this.

If this Godin gets your wheels spinning, she’ll gladly strut her stuff at your place for $1403.60 Buy it Now on eBay.

It’s fitting one of the most unusual instruments I’ve seen comes with one of the most random prices ever.

Play on.

Godin Inuk Ambiance Steel Acoustic Guitar Front CU
She’s got me thinking, that’s for sure.


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