Godin Acousticaster Acoustic Guitar

Here’s a very lovely gal with a hint of mystery, a 40th anniversary Godin Acousticaster Acoustic Guitar.

Her parts were hand-crafted in Canada then assembled in the USA, so let’s just call her “North American.”

Seller gives us a bit of history about her. The Acousticaster was the original acoustic-electric guitar that put Godin on the map. One cool thing about her is she has 18 tuned metal tines under her bridge to create her special sound. She a hummingbird, too—just six pounds.

She’s got a ton of nice features beyond her stunning top made of Cedar with figured Koa. Her neck is Rock Maple with a Rosewood 12″ radius fingerboard. Her nut is a skinny—just 1 11/16″ wide. And she’s got a tw0-chambered Mahogany body because, well, acoustic guitars need some hollow to holler.

In the electronics department, she sports a Godin GJN1 Mini-Humbucker as a Godin under the Saddle transducer and custom preamp with control out the yin yang.

But I promised a mystery and here it is. Seller is an authorized Godin dealer and notes that she is marked a SF—which stands for second factory—meaning she has a small cosmetic issue. Trouble is, the card where that defect is to be noted is blank.

So, is she a second factory or isn’t she? I’ve looked at her closely and I don’t see a damn thing wrong with her (but then I never could find Waldo either.)

She comes with a Godin gig bag and a full Godin warranty. She’s brand new.

If this beautiful Acousticaster stokes your engine, she’s yours to have and to hold for $869.99 Buy it Now on eBay.

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Godin Acousticaster Mystery
The blank card. Where is her cosmetic issue? Or does she one at all?
Godin Acousticaster Acoustic Guitar Front
Looking good, standing tall.
Godin Acousticaster Acoustic Guitar Front CU
Sweet face, that’s for sure.
Godin Acousticaster Acoustic Guitar Electronics
She gives you a ton of control over her sound.

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