Gibson Thunderbird II Electric Bass Guitar—allegedly played by Entwistle and Guigsy

This 1968 Gibson Thunderbird II Electric Bass Guitar is cool in its own right. Once you add its pedigree, yowza!

See, seller says this bass wasn’t owned by just one well-known musician, but two.

This non-reversed Thunderbird first belonged to the late, great John Entwistle of the Who. When John passed on, so did the bass—it was bought by Guigsy of Oasis and, seller says, owned by him for years. It comes with the original case with an “Oasis” stencil and a Scott Dixon flight case for protection.

Now, how seller knows these things is left unsaid but I bet if you email them or ring them up in Merry Olde England, I’m sure they’ll fill you in.

Seller says the guitar is issue free. It does have some cosmetic dings and scrapes and such—as most 47 year olds do.

Seller also says the production figures for this model were under 70 that year. Let’s do the math.  Add a rare bass, played by a legend and then bought and played by another name musician, and you don’t just have a bass: you have a good ten minute story. And lots of envious friends.

As of this writing, 32 folks are watching this Gibson Thunderbird II. You can can call her yours for approximately $20,450.64 Buy it Now on eBay (she’s being sold in British Pounds so her value fluctuates with the currency rate).

This kid is all right.

Gibson Thunderbird II Back
There’s no wear like play wear.
Gibson Thunderbird II Front CU
Just imagine what this bass has seen, what great songs have been played on it, who was in the room at the time….
Gibson Thunderbird II From Bottom
Mmm, mmm, mmm. Tasty.


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