Gibson Thunderbird 5-String Electric Bass Guitar

Here’s a lady to bring some funk to your junk, a Gibson Thunderbird 5-String Electric Bass.

Gibson makes some adventurous-looking instruments and the Thunderbird is no exception. Seller says she sounds as good as she looks.

She definitely has been played, which is always a good sign. There’s a small finish wear spot above her neck pickup and some fairly modest buckle swirls on her back. Not rashes, just the signs of her player making her soar.

And the fifth string gives you a little visual and audible differentiation.

She even comes with the classic Gibson hardshell case.

This 5-string Gibson Thunderbird bass is all yours when you lay down $1399.99 Buy it Down on eBay. Seller does invite offers. Seller also will likely notice that 19 folks are watching her.

If she lands at your homestead, do me a favor. Turn her up and give Muddy some ‘Bird!

Gibson Thunderbird Back ECU
She’s been played some. And that’s always a good sign.
Gibson Thunderbird Front in Case
The ‘Bird of Prey in her case.
Gibson Thunderbird Front CU
You can see some wear near her knobs and above the neck pickup.


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