Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar

I’ve always had a thing about Angus Young, doing that chicken leg stomp and strut across the stage in his schoolboy knickers, Gibson SG leading the way. Much like this 15 year-old Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar I’m writing about now.

Angus’s act is so weird, so raw. You cannot look away, or at least I can’t. Nor can I can keep my eyes off the cherry red SG, thrusting out like a sword as the rock pours from its pickups.

Well, here’s your chance to get your mitts around a real made in the USA Gibson SG.

Here’s the thing, though. It had a formerly broken neck that seller says was repaired by an authorized Gibson shop and has held up without bothering him (or the sound) a bit in the 15 years since the break.

Seller says a quick search will show you neck breaks on this model are fairly common and that Eric Clapton and John Lennon both yammered away on broken-necked Gibsons. I’ll leave that research to you.

Aside from the repaired break, the guitar looks in pretty good shape. Yes, it has dings and some dents. Don’t we all? Seller shows you them in the pictures.

Seller needs the money and no longer plays her much so he’s parting ways. She comes with her cool-ass original case with its whorehouse magenta plush lining.

If you’re in the mood for a Gibson SG and the repaired crack doesn’t put you off, she can be yours Buy it Now on eBay for $699. Seller also invites offers.

16 folks are watching as I write this. That tips me that there is something of interest here.

Will it shake you all night long? That’s up to you.

Gibson SG Front in Case
Nasty in a good way. I love the horned cutaways.
Gibson SG Headstock Rear CU
Them’s the breaks.


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