Gibson Ripper Electric Bass Guitar

Here’s a Thunderkitty I haven’t seen in a while, an early ’80s Gibson Ripper Electric Bass Guitar.

Seller is scant on details (that’s been a recurring theme today.)

Here’s seller’s total description: “1980-81 Gibson “THE Ripper” 4-string bass guitar, natural finish, with hard shell case. Excellent condition.

Seller’s listing also lets us know she’s made in America, comes with a hardshell case and is all original.

The one picture seller shares shows a nice looking bass. I especially like the funky, shark fin pickguard. She is THE Ripper after all.

If this Gibson Ripper scrambles your eggs and butters your toast, you can claim her for $1100 Buy it Now on eBay. 13 folks are watching her.

Let ‘er rip.

Gibson Ripper Electronic Bass in Case
She looks like she can rip with the best of them.

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