Gibson Corvus Electric Guitar

What do I spy with my little eye? A made-in-the-USA Gibson Corvus Electric Guitar circa 1983.

Seller says she’s in very good condition and all original (except she comes with a non-original case.) She’s made of lightweight alder and I’m sure her trippy little body helps her on the scale.

Seller says her black finish shows very light wear and very few flaws. The finish along the neck is worn along the fretboard edges (seller adds this is common with Gibson’s older nitro finishes) and does not affect her playability. She comes with a Bill Lawrence humbucker that “works and sounds great.”

Beyond the finish along the neck, seller notes there’s a small seam visible on the headstock where the neck was joined but it’s a cosmetic issue. Apparently there’s also a tiny crack in the pickguard by the bridge.

Okay, okay. She has a few dings and such. I’m still in love. Or lust. Or both. This guitar is going to give me many pleasant dreams.

If you want this Gibson Corvus as badly as I do, she’s yours for $999 Buy it Now on eBay. 13 folks are watching her. I may just make it 14.

Gibson Corvus Neck Wear
There’s finish wear on both sides of her fretboard. Seller says it’s cosmetic and does not affect her playability.
Gibson Corvus Electric Guitar Front
She’s a funky monkey. I think I’m in love.
Gibson Corvus Electric Guitar Back CU
Clean back
Gibson Corvus Headstock
Mmmmm, Corvusy.


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