Giannini 12-string Electric Acoustic Craviola

You have to admire an instrument description that starts off with: “Loved by the world, the Original Craviola represents Giannini’s soul.”

Let’s break that down.

Loved by the world. That’s pretty awesome. I must not have gotten that memo, though.

Not only that, the Craviola represents Giannini’s soul, which apparently looks like a mash up of a lute on the top and a guitar on the bottom. Plus, a pretty swell looking sound hole.

Then you add twelve strings, plus a pick up, and you have one interesting looking instrument. It’s patented.

According to the seller, it sports a Sitka top and Rosewood back, sides and fingerboard, and a Fishman EQ model Isys+ preamp. And once you play it, you’ll forget your other instruments.

Seller notes it’s in new condition (but acquired a scratch by the output jack while on display in the seller’s store.) No mention of a case and for an instrument with such an usual shape, that’s worth asking about.

I have to say, Giannini’s Craviola intrigues me. And while $275 Buy it Now on eBay isn’t chump change, it also might be a low enough bar to let your curiosity ramble.

Giannini 12-string Electric Acoustic Craviola scratch

Giannini 12-string Electric Acoustic Craviola Front

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