Fender Bandmaster Guitar Amplifier

Oh my, what have we here but a Fender Bandmaster Amplifier from 1964.

Seller says she’s been his “baby” for over 30 years and wants to find her a good home because he and his wife are leaving the country to do volunteer work.

She rocks American made tubes and, according to seller, they still sound great, as do her pre-amp tubes.

She brings 40 watts but, according to seller, they’re a REAL 40 watts. Here’s one description of how he has used her: ” I have run it through a marshal cab w/vintage 30’s and it purrs wonderful surf tones at low volumes and will blow your head off at 9 or 10″

I’m down with that.

Seller says he had an amp tech give her a look over. Aside from changing a few caps, putting on a three-prong cord and replacing the slo-blo fuse socket, she was in great shape. Certainly looks that way from the photos.

If this Fender beauty amps you up, she’s all yours for $900 Buy it Now on eBay. Seller welcomes offers and questions.

Let’s find her a good home. 36 folks are watching and thinking about it already.

Fender Bandmaster Amplifier Front
Still gorgeous after all these years.
Fender Bandmaster Amplifier Insides
One clean machine.
Fender Bandmaster Amplifier Tubes
American-made tubes.
nder Bandmaster Amplifier Decal
A little schematic for the fanatics.

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