Espana Double Neck FL-103 Acoustic Guitar

Here’s an interesting little number for those of you who like to fix things, an Espana Double Neck FL-103 Acoustic Guitar from Finland.

This guitar has problems and seller says she is NOT playable in her present condition. If you want to make her sing, you’re going to have to help her out a bit.

She’s got a broken tuner, high action, fret buzz, a slightly dished in top and some hairline cracks that seller does not believe go through her body. In other words, she’s an ideal project for you handy types.

Once you fix her, she’ll look pretty cool. I doubt you’ll find many Espanas from Finland roaming around your neck of the woods either.

This Espana Double Neck is all yours to return to perfect health for $355 Buy it Now on eBay. Seller invites offers—as they should. 13 folks are watching her as I write this so she is on people’s radars.

She certainly appealed to me. Otherwise I wouldn’t have written a word about her.

Espana Double Neck  Bridge CU
Dust never sleeps. Also, I think this is the dishing in seller mentions.
Espana Double Neck Front
Can you play Ladies of Spain on a guitar named for Spain but made in Finland? These are the things that keep me up at night.
Espana Double Neck Top Down CU
Look in the center between the neck and you can see one of the cracks seller describes.

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