Epiphone PR5E Acoustic Guitar

Here’s a lady who knows how to make a great impression by posing in front of a cool old jukebox, a lightly used Epiphone PR5E Acoustic Guitar that was made in Korea in 1993.

Seller says she has some light scratches but “sounds amazing”

I like her natural finish, super sharp cutaway and classy back stripe (I’m a big fan of back stripes.)

The cover plate for her truss rod on the headstock says “Gibson” and I’m not sure what that’s all about. Her label says she an Epiphone PR5E so I’m going with that.

Seller doesn’t provide close ups of her electronics but I read the photos as a standard Epiphone package. Seller also doesn’t say if she comes with a case. If those things matters to you, ask.

If this Epiphone dials your number, then she’s yours for $298.95 Buy it Now on eBay. Seller also accepts offers. 9 folks are watching her.

You could also see if they’ll throw in the Wurlitzer jukebox in the deal. Never hurts to ask.

Epiphone PR5E Acoustic Guitar Label
The details.
Epiphone PR5E Acoustic Guitar Back
Looks clean. Love the back stripe—and the juke box.
Epiphone PR5E Acoustic Guitar Front
Say cheese!

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