Electra Austin Electric Guitar

Holy smokes, it’s an Electra Austin Electric Guitar.

Dressed head to toe in leather with symbols of the Lone Star State—including a Texas Rangers badge—she definitely makes an impression. I mean, even the neck is leather bound.

Who doesn’t love the Texas longhorn on her front or the map of Texas on her back? She’s cool.

Seller doesn’t say where she was made, of what or when, but they do claim her single Duncan humbucker wails all kinds of Texas Twang.

And even if you don’t play guitar, she is entertaining to look at.

If you want to get up close and personal with this Electra’s rawhide, $499.99 Buy it Now on eBay  is all it takes.

Giddy up, now! Move ’em out!

Electra Austin Electric Guitar Front
Ready for the rodeo.


Electra Austin Electric Guitar Back
Yes, her neck is leather-bound.
Electra Austin Electric Guitar Headstock
Nothing like a few rivets.
Electra Austin Electric Guitar Front CU
Gussied up for a big night out.


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