Eastwood Limited Edition Univox Hi-Flier Electric Guitar

Why is it awesome that Eastwood made a Limited Edition ‘ode to the Univox Hi-Flier Electric Guitars produced from 1968 to 1978? Because the Univox edition is what Kurt Cobain smashed untraceable numbers of when his legendary band Nirvana first went on tour. From what I’ve read this is also the axe Cobain wielded on their debut album, Bleach.

When you research the history of the band Nirvana and disturbed frontman, Kurt Cobain, you’re never disappointed. The Seattle based Sub Pop record label that first signed Nirvana reportedly produced the first album, Bleach, for just over $600. The Bleach album has sold 1.9 million copies since it’s release in June of 1989. Sub Pop reps reportedly spent days and nights scouring pawn shops for Univox Hi-Fliers on show dates. After obliterating them on stage Cobain would tell them, “I didn’t plan on breaking it, I don’t know what got in to me.”  Knowing his own unpredictability on stage, Cobain refused to play anything new, stating “nothing is better than junk.”

Well here you can have a new Eastwood electric guitar. This limited edition Eastwood looks just like the Hi-Fliers Cobain was known to smash. There are only 16 of each finish being produced by Eastwood. If you want one of the sunburst models as shown here, this might be one of your last few chances to snag it.

Limited Edition Eastwood Univox Hi-Flier sitting pretty in black hardcase.
Eastwood Limited Edition Univox Hi-Flier Electric Guitar
Only 16 of each finish are being produced by Eastwood. This sunburst model is just like the ones Kurt Cobain smashed in the early Nirvana days.

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