Composite Acoustic Xi Acoustic Electric Guitar

It’s a brave new world in guitars. Used to be you had your choice of cigar box or wood. Now folks are making guitars out of all kinds of things. Steel. Fiberglass. And, like this Composite Acoustic Xi, carbon composite fibers.

According to the seller, this makes the Xi “impervious to climate for consistent performance, wherever you go”—and it weighs under four pounds. That’s stupid light.

The seller has cranked up the AdjectiveSpitter 2015 all the way to 11 about this gem. Here’s a sample.

  • Proprietary Reinforced Polymer Fretboard with 20 medium stainless steel frets, top dots & side dots
  • Proprietary carbon fiber bridge and saddle materials for maximum sound transfer
  • Offset sound hole with integrated top bracing technology™ (IBT™) for improved bass response

My favorite of all is “has a thin body but has a big bottom end.” Who doesn’t love a big bottom end? Or, for that matter, an offset sound hole? That sounds positively Muddy.

This is a new guitar and comes with a lifetime warranty and a hardshell case. This Composite Acoustic Xi is yours for $1999.99 on eBay yet the seller invites offers.

So, as my momma says, you might could do better than that.

Composite Acoustic Xi Acoustic Electric Back

Composite Acoustic Xi Acoustic Electric Back
Blinded by the light! But you can still see she’s pretty.



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