Chalkboard Acoustic Guitar

I’m going to spare you all the technical details about this Chalkboard Acoustic Guitar. If you wanted to fix it up and play it, you could do it.

You could also super glue a thousand Benjamins to beater Impala. Just don’t expect to get your full money back.

This chalkboard acoustic guitar is not meant to be a player. It’s a cute mini billboard. I love the idea. It’s genius.

In the attention department, it shoots and scores. Steph Curry left handed from mid court with three defenders in his face.

It also is totally reproducible for far less coin.

Seller wants $150 Buy it Now on eBay for this Chalkboard Acoustic Guitar but is willing to accept offers. Ingenuity deserves its due but $150?

That’s between¬†you, seller and your conscience.

Chalkboard acoustic

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