Carlsbro 50 Head Guitar Amplifier

Today’s prize is in merry olde England, a Carlsbro 50 Head Amplifier made in Mansfield, Nottingham in the ’70s.

She’s all class with an elegant color scheme for her knobs (which, I imagine, makes them easier to find in low light situations.) It’s also cool to check out in regular light conditions.

Seller lists her in “brilliant” condition and “struggles to find anything worth mentioning” beyond missing her back panel.

Seller says she’s basically all original with a few minor tweaks. They rewired her “mains selector” to meet modern safety standards (always a good thing), the loudspeaker plug was bent so they replaced it with wiring to the speaker, and they repaired a crack in her side. Finally, they upgraded her to a Celestial G12B-150 speaker.

To me, it sounds like they took a slightly knicked up she-beast and returned her roar. She pumps out 50 watts, after all.

Seller gives a bit of history of the brand. Carlsbro was a high-end British valve amplifier brand in production during the ’60s and ”70s. According to seller “they very similar to the Marshall JMPs of the era and the sound quality is second to none.”

Personally, I love her. She just screams cool and class and performance.

If this Carlsbro cranks your knobs, she’s all yours for $590.40 Buy it now on eBay (She’s priced in GBPs so currency rates fluctuate.) Seller entertains offers.

37 folks are watching her. Who will be the lucky one to claim her?

Carlsbro 50 Head Amplifier Back
Very organized. Seller says she’s missing her back panel. A negotiating point perhaps?
Carlsbro 50 Head Amplifier Bona fides
She’s bona fide.
Carlsbro 50 Head Amplifier Front
Pure class. I love the colored knobs. Smart idea.

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