Breedlove CM/E Acoustic Guitar

I cannot say enough nice things about this Breedlove CM/E Acoustic Guitar. She is a drop dead beauty from Bend, Oregon, #96 of the 153 made.

I also cannot tell you much about this guitar because seller has failed to provide much information about her.

Seller says she’s been lightly used in the studio and shows little to no wear. The pictures certainly bear that out.

Seller adds she has wonderful tone and the woods in her “are spectacular to say the least.” (And her rosette is insanely gorgeous.)

Okay, but how about telling us what those woods are? Or when she was made? Or what kind of pickup she has? There’s only one way to know for sure—ask seller.

Seller says this same model sells on Amazon for $5995 and he’s selling for $3900. It might be worth checking that.

If this Breedlove CM/E Acoustic Guitar speaks to your heart, then make your casa her casa. She’s $3900 Buy it Now on eBay.

Go get her.

Breedlove CM:E Acoustic Guitar Soundhole
Signed by Steve Henderson. Check out that rosette. Crazy beautiful.
Breedlove CM:E Acoustic Guitar Front CU
I love the crisp, original angles found in Breedlove designs, especially this one.
Breedlove CM:E Acoustic Guitar Back
Stunning wood. Wish seller told us what it was. I could guess but I’d rather know. If you would too, ask seller.

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