Bill Crook Telecaster-Style Electric Guitar

The Stones song goes, “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need.”  Perhaps Keef and Ronnie haven’t yet met Bill Crook, the maker of this spectacular Bill Crook Telecaster-Style Electric Guitar.

If you haven’t heard of Bill, you should. Go here.

You see, Bill had to good fortune to work as a touring sound engineer and ran across many great players. He’d hear their complaints about their vintage axes and ask what they wanted, then —isn’t America great?—he’d update them to suit the players.

Finally, Bill took the next logical step. What if he just built what superb players wanted right from the start.

That’s the backstory to this black and white paisley over Swamp Ash gem.

She rocks three pickups, A Dimarzio Firebird in the neck, a Voodoo 60s-style in the middle and a Voodoo custom-wound TE-59 at the bridge. Of course she has five-way switching plus master volume and master tone.

Other touches include Sperzel locking tuners, a vintage style bridge with compensated saddles and a 9 1/2″ radius Maple C-shaped neck.

Apparently a small piece of the headstock is missing its finished and Mr. Crook has promised seller he would fix it anytime even though, in seller’s words, “it’s really nothing.”

According to seller, there’s a year wait to get a Crook. So he suggests you cut in line and buy his. Wise advice.

I wish seller said when she was made—if that matters, ask. She comes with her OHSC.

If this drop-dead beauty of Crook Telecaster-style axe is pummeling your left brain into submission, slap a muzzle on your inner accountant and Buy it Now for $3100 on eBay. Seller also welcomes offers.

Go get her.

Bill Crook Telecaster-Style Electric Guitar Back CU
Bill Crook Telecaster-Style Electric Guitar Front

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