BC Rico Mockingbird Electric Guitar

Well butter my sides and call me a biscuit, what a lovely ’80s vintage BC Rico Mockingbird Electric Guitar from Japan.

Seller posts many snaps of this beauty but you’ll need to go look at the link to see them. They’re not formatted in a friendly way to share.

Seller says her neck is straight, her action is is low and her frets have plenty of life. Yes, she has the usual nicks and such but in a guitar of this vintage that generally means she was played and enjoyed, not locked away and forgotten.

She’s all original except for the Gotoh neck humbucker. I believe that includes her case but it never hurts to check.

I love her absolutely wicked shape. She’s an attention grabber that’s for sure. She certainly grabbed mine.

If this BC Rico Mockingbird speaks to you she’s all yours Buy it Now on eBay for $749.95. Be aware, though, 34 folks are watching her.

BC Rico Front
There are tons more pictures of her on eBay. They’re just not formatted in a way to snag a few and share them here. She’s worth a look.

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