Baston Delfi Bass Guitar

I didn’t pay enough attention in history class, I know that, but this Baston Delfi Bass Guitar has me all mixed up. It’s a 70s era bass guitar from Poland, said to be a Soviet Vintage Guitar. Didn’t the Soviets not allow music? Then why were they making guitars? Is this what that whole Cold War deal was about…. music? Is that why we celebrate that hockey game from the 80s, you know the one. I’m not huge on sports, but even Muddy remembers the Miracle On Ice. Were we only excited because we beat a music-banning regime in hockey. Only to find out that they were kicking out badass bass guitars through the neighboring country Poland?

Let this be a lesson kids. Don’t be confused like Muddy. Stay in school. Learn your history through your teachers, not through 80s comedy films such as Spies Like Us. Muddy’s not sure what to think anymore. I tried searching out more info on this Baston Delfi and found a YoutTube video of a Frenchman rocking on one. Couldn’t understand a word he said but the bass guitar was talking to me and sounded legit. For $185 the price is right for anyone, probably going to cost a bit to ship over the pond. If you do buy it, Muddy knows some people, maybe we can hitch a ride for it the old fashioned way as a castaway. Let me know.

Baston Delfi Bass Body
Looks straight as an arrow, this Soviet Era Bass Guitar from 1970s Poland can probably tell some stories.

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