Avatar 2×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet with Celestions

Amp heads are glorious things. So are the speaker cabinets that give them their voice, such as this American made Avatar 2×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet with Celestions.

Avatar has been around since 1992. If you want to check them out, start here.

Seller’s listing is a little sparse, missing details like when she was made or her model number.

But what seller shares is the heart of it: “Selling a beautiful Avatar 2×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet. The cabinet is installed with a Celestion Vintage 30’s and G12K100.  Item is as close to new as it gets!!”

Being the curious sort, I checked out the Avatar site to see if I could learn more. To my eye, this looks like what Avatar calls their G212 Premier Traditional Model which indeed gives the two speakers seller names as options. If you want the straight story and not just my guess, ask seller.

Bottom line, she’s clean and rocks some fine speakers to plug into to make your music come aloud. (I doubt that’s legal English but you get my drift.)

If this Avatar cabinet speaks to you, speak back. She’s $340 Buy it Now on eBay. Seller also invites offers.

10 folks are watching her. I understand their interest.

Go get her.

Avatar 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet with Celestions Front
She’d look great hooked into an Orange head.
Avatar 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet with Celestions Back Outputs
Simple as pie.


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