Aria Nexter Electric Guitar

Here’s an unusual little filly that caught my eye, an Aria Nexter.

Wish I could tell you more about her origins but the seller is a little vague. She might be from Japan. Or Korea. Or…

She might be from the ‘80s. Or maybe the ‘70s. Or…

The seller doesn’t know, though she reminds him (or her) of the Ibanez Talman, a guitar of that era.

You get the drift.

What the seller will say is that she’s very playable with a “super good neck, electrics 100%, good action and great fretwires and boards.”

Seller also notes that her paint’s really fragile and she owns about ten dings. Well, if you live in this world for 30 years or so, you’re bound to rack a ding or two or ten.

You’re on your own for a case and a tremolo bar. But at $159, it’s not like you’re shelling out a sheik’s fortune for this Aria Nexter and her oddball charms.

Aria Nexter Guitar Front CU

Aria Nexter Guitar Front

Aria Nexter Guitar Jack hole

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