2004 Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar

Is there any doubt in your mind why 47 people would be watching this 2004 Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar? (My gut is that she is from the USA but I cannot read her label to be sure. If you want to know for sure ask seller.)

She’s a classic. She’s a beauty. She’s a classic beauty.

You can grow weak in the knees over her cheerful sunburst.

Or maybe it’s the hummingbird on the pickguard that makes you go awww. Hummingbirds bring the awww out in folks.

But detail by detail she wins you over.

Seller says she’s in great condition, has been set up professionally and plays well. She shows hardly any fret or surface wear and her electronics function fine, thank you very much for asking.

She also brings her original hardshell case along for the ride.

This model has launched a thousand imitators. It doesn’t get much more real than this.

If this 2004 Gibson Hummingbird has got you buzzing about, calm down and Buy it Now for $1999.99.

Remember, 47 folks have her in their scopes.

Go get her.

Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar Front
She’s very social and enjoys hanging out with other guitars.
Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar Back
In fine condition. That reflection of a bicycle is a little spooky, though..
Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar Pickguard
What a great piece of functional art.

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