1992 Martin M-38 Acoustic Guitar

I live a good story, don’t you? And this 1992 Martin M-38 Acoustic Guitar has one.

She’s 23 years old, made in Nazareth, PA, and seller writes she is in “wonderful used and played condition.” She comes with her OHSC.

Seller had her neck professionally reset recently and also her back binding reglued. He also had her drilled to receive an undersaddle pickup and endpin jack but is leaving actually installation of those items to her new owner.

She has some cracks (Muddy tip, please make sure your guitars are properly humidified): one near the end of the fretboard and some glued cracks between the between the bridge pins. Seller notes his luthier did not address them as he felt they were “minimal.”

Then there’s this curious comment by seller “If you check out youtube…this actual guitar is on there a couple of times…1992..and a video with silk and steel strings on it.”

Wha? Huh?

I think seller means there’s a 1992 video about the M-38 and this guitar appears in it. But you’ll have to ask seller because my quick search came up with lots of videos but nothing that looked like an official video.

No matter, I still connect with this guitar. I search out tons of instruments and it takes a special something to stop me. She stopped me.

If you have a similar vibe about this Martin M-38, she’s yours for sure at $2,250 Buy it Now on eBay. Seller welcomes offers too.

13 folks are watching her. Of course they are.

Go get her.

1992 Martin M-38 Acoustic Guitar Sound Hole
The story is when Robbie Robertson was working on the lyrics for the Band’s classic song, The Weight, he was stumped and happened to look into the sound hole of his Martin and saw Nazareth. Next thing you know, the lyrics “I pulled into Nazareth…” sprung to life and the rest is history.
1992 Martin M-38 Acoustic Guitar in Case with Candy
Look ma, all kinds of paper AND a guitar.
1992 Martin M-38 Acoustic Guitar Binding Crack
The crack I mentioned.

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