1988 Neal Moser Custom Electric Guitar

Muddy’s singin’ “OOOOOH WEE!” This 1988 Neal Moser Custom Guitar has me movin’. This vintage electric has me deep into a late ’80s mid-ballad solo of my own. I’d think even my boy Slash would be jonesin’ to bang away on this Boa Snakeskin Airbrushed Body of the custom electric.

Neal Moser is a living legend by all accounts in Muddy’s world. Check this excerpt from Guitar Player Master Series Fall 2003 out:

One time, Hendrix’s roadies brought in a white Strat that Jimi had thrown off stage”, says Neal Moser, a luthier (and designer of B.C. Rich’s Rich Bich guitar) who was employed by West Organ & Amp Repair in Hollywood California.” The neck was broken, and they wanted a replacement. Of course, Fender didn’t have any at the time, but they did have some Tele necks. We got one, and I modified the butt to fit the Strat body. That guitar ended up in a collage on the Hendrix in the West album. One thing I noticed on some of Hendrix’s guitars was a very small file cut on the 16th fret-just to the treble side of the G string. This was so that Jimi could rattle his third string back and forth across the notch for that little thing he does on ‘Foxey Lady’. In those days, guitarists didn’t have al these intricate, preconceived ideas about how things are supposed to work. It was a different time and a different place.” this is a fine example of a true luthier.

The Buy It Now price of just under $3k might seem steep. If Muddy had the dough this is where it would go. A custom Neal Moser Snakeskin Electric Guitar… amen brother, Rock and Roll.

1988 Neal Moser Vintage Guitar GMW Body
Custom air-brushed Boa Snakeskin Electric Guitar Body… oooh baby, no hats at this part, let the hair fly.

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